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A custom plastic enclosure provides the distinction and quality that your product deserves. We use direct-to-substrate digital printing that puts your custom graphics and labeling directly onto your enclosure. You can have a fully customized plastic enclosure with minimal development costs, unparalleled quality, and unrivaled service and support. Don’t settle for a mass-produced plastic box that forces you to compromise your design and part selection, get a free quote today…​

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Brackets and Simple Parts

With a truly vast selection of materials and milling techniques, if you can describe it, we can make it. We excel at designing and fabricating custom parts for electrical, electronics, medical, and mechanical applications. From Ultem® electrical insulators to Delrin® machine components, and everything in between, get a free quote from us before you pay several times more for sheet metal or off-the-shelf replacement parts.

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Complex Geometries

Combining the best design features of custom injection molded products, the flexibility and low development costs of fabrication, and innovative 3D printing and Digital printing technologies, Clickfold Plastics is the absolute leader in Complex Geometry plastic fabrication. From streamlined wall-mount and desktop units to freestanding kiosks and elegantly designed hand-helds, we can make your vision reality at a fraction of the cost of injection molding without sacrificing the flexibility to make design changes.

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Custom Plastic Fabrication Without Tooling or Fixtures... Fast and flexible.

CNC Milling and Automated Thermoforming drastically decreases up-front costs by eliminating the need for molds and other costly tooling.

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From Design to Production in Days, Not Months... We know how important your time to market is.

Our Design Department will schedule your order the same day it is received and have a Prototype unit ready for your inspection in as little as a week.

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More Than Just Products, We Provide Solutions... We do whatever it takes to make your project a success.

Our Fully-customized solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your project. We believe that our work should express your vision, not constrain it.

Our Mission

We aim to be the preferred partner for companies that regularly require custom plastic parts and enclosures in smaller volumes. Our systematic design approach and unique zero-tooling process allows just-in-time delivery of high-end fabricated plastic parts and we aim to be the market leader in this segment. Our focus is on fast and simple product development, prototyping, and cost effective production.

Over the last 15 years Clickfold Plastics has filled a void in the market place by providing a zero-tooling solution for thousands of custom enclosures, covers, and parts used in a wide range of applications and industries. I many cases our unique process was the only viable alternative to injection molding, custom sheet metal or off-the-shelf products.

Ideally suited for prototypes and short runs (typically less than 10,000 units per year) our process offers numerous advantages: Low upfront cost, inexpensive design changes & no minimum orders. Add to that our digital print and 3D printing capabilities which allow our customers to get assembly-ready custom solutions that are custom designed for the application. Our fully CNC controlled machining & thermo-folding method can cost-effectively produce a wide range of products ranging from simple panels and covers to complex geometries in a variety of materials & colors with photo-quality graphics. We can also offer custom coatings such as EMI shielding, custom packaging and assembly services.​

Design Process

Our experienced product designers start the process by contacting you to discuss the project. Based on your specifications they will create a CAD model and e-mail you an easy-to-view 3-D animation of your product. Once the design is approved by you, we will process a prototype for testing and evaluation. All parts are cut on high-speed CNC routers, thermo-folded and then “clicked” together or solvent welded in assembly. Tongue and groove joints make for a clean, tight fit. Since the prototype is made using the very same steps that our production parts go through, we are ready for production when you are.


We use thermoplastic materials, predominantly multi-purpose ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PC (Polycarbonate), PETG, and Acrylic. Our solid colors come with a lightly textured finish that hides scratches and minimizes reflection, yet is smooth enough for clean printing results. Our clear and translucent materials are available in smooth polished, non-glare, or frosted finishes

Mounting of Internal Components

CNC-machined recesses ensure accurate positioning of standoffs and mounting clips, which are then solvent welded into place. Where necessary, inserts are heat-staked into their pilot holes. We recommend our plastic-specific self-threading PLASTITE screws since they offer more holding power at a lower cost than conventional fasteners.

EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) Shielding

This optional shielding offers protection that rivals that of metal sheets. A conductive coating is applied to the plastic sheets prior to processing. This is far more cost effective than the post-molding, masking and coating process required to accomplish the same for injection molded parts.

Digital Printing in Full-Color

Our digital flat-bed printer allows for photo-quality printing of your company’s logo and markings on the finished product. The UV-cured ink is extremely wear resistant and will not fade.

Competitive Advantages

Our parts are a close match to injection molded parts in appearance, finish and durability. Compared to sheet metal parts they offer more design options, less weight and eliminate the need for paint or powder coating processes. The key advantages are:Our digital flat-bed printer allows for photo-quality printing of your company’s logo and markings on the finished product. The UV-cured ink is extremely wear resistant and will not fade.

  • Economical for short runs of 1-10,000 pieces.
  • Design changes can be made quickly at minimal cost.
  • No capital intensive molds, fixtures, or dies.
  • No setups, quick turnaround & just-in-time delivery.
  • Appealing appearance, material & printing options.
  • No mold-related restrictions (drafts, undercuts etc.)
  • Stronger than molded parts (thicker walls)
  • Less weight than sheet metal parts.
  • No paint or corrosion issues.