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Custom Housings

Assembly-Ready with Cutouts and Graphics

Custom housings and covers for industrial products, electronics, medical devices, wireless routers, testing equipment and many other applications. Request a same-day quote or consultation today!

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Technical Parts

Often purchasers turn to their local job shop or have these kinds of parts made internally resulting in higher cost than necessary or less than ideal quality. We will be glad to quote any part of interest to you and suggest improvements - quick and without obligation. A drawing or sample is all we need!

Made to Your Specifications

Washers, wedges, shims, electrical insulators (Ultem), electrical touch guards and bus covers, bump guards and rails (HDPE), tool holders and accessory trays, cable and connector protectors, trim pieces and decorative covers, access panels and service/inspection covers, switchboards (with optional printing), protective windows for display screens, dials and indicators, touch screen bezels and monitor hoods, protective switch panel covers (clear or tinted), splash, safety and sneeze guards, tanks and drip trays and industrial signage. Request a same-day quote or consultation today!
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Specialty Products

Our zero-tooling process is ideally suited for new product development that involves multiple iterations, pilot runs and field testing. Since our prototypes are identical to their subsequent production parts in every respect including the material used they can be used for evaluation, field testing and cerification. Our desidners will turn your conecept into detailed CAD files for your review and approval and then proceed to prototyping. In most cases CAD files can be generated within only a few days and the prototype can be produced just as quickly. This means that most prototyping projects are completed in under 2 weeks!

Developed for Unique Applications

Self-serve kiosks, robotic devices, dispensing and food processing equipment, drones and military applications, battery containers and other renewable energy applications, avionics, marine, automotive and mining equipment. Request a same-day quote or consultation today!

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Custom Projects
Years Experience
Weeks Design to Production

Custom Plastic Parts & Enclosures Fast & Simple!

From Concept to Production in Less than a Month!
​Design Process
Our experienced product designers start the process by contacting you to discuss the project. Based on your specifications they will create a CAD model and e-mail you an easy-to-view 3-D animation of your product. Once the design is approved by you, we will process a prototype for testing and evaluation. All parts are cut on high-speed CNC routers, thermo-folded and then “clicked” together or solvent welded in assembly. Tongue and groove joints make for a clean, tight fit. Since the prototype is made using the very same steps that our production parts go through, we are ready for production when you are.

We use thermoplastic materials, predominantly multi-purpose ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PC (Polycarbonate), PETG, and Acrylic. Our solid colors come with a lightly textured finish that hides scratches and minimizes reflection, yet is smooth enough for clean printing results. Our clear and translucent materials are available in smooth polished, non-glare, or frosted finishes.

Mounting of Internal Components
CNC-machined recesses ensure accurate positioning of standoffs and mounting clips, which are then solvent welded into place. Where necessary, inserts are heat-staked into their pilot holes. We recommend our plastic-specific self-threading PLASTITE screws since they offer more holding power at a lower cost than conventional fasteners.

EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) Shielding
This optional shielding offers protection that rivals that of metal sheets. A conductive coating is applied to the plastic sheets prior to processing. This is far more cost effective than the post-molding, masking and coating process required to accomplish the same for injection molded parts.

Digital Full-Color Printing

  • Our digital flat-bed printer allows for photo-quality printing of your company’s logo and markings on the finished product. The UV-cured ink is extremely wear resistant and will not fade.

No painting required:

  • Our process does not require any coatings or finishing operations – a major cost reduction compared to sheet metal parts.

Want to Discuss Your Project with One of our Product Designers?

  • Competitive Advantages
  • Our parts are a close match to injection molded parts in appearance, finish and durability. Compared to sheet metal parts they offer more design options, less weight and eliminate the need for paint or powder coating processes.
  • Economical for short runs of 1-10,000 pieces
  • Design changes can be made quickly at minimal cost
    No capital intensive molds, fixtures, or dies
  • No setups, quick turnaround & just-in-time delivery
    Appealing appearance, material & printing options
  • No mold-related restrictions (drafts, undercuts etc.)
    Stronger than molded parts (thicker walls)
  • Less weight than sheet metal parts
    No paint or corrosion issues​
  • Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and can design and manufacture enclosures to almost any NEMA specification.
    ​Custom Parts & Housings without the tooling costs…

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