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Patrick Oltmanns
Patrick OltmannsCEO, Founder
Sales & Project Consulting
Glenn Harmon
Glenn HarmonOperations Manager
Production & Quality Control
April Jaklitsch
April JaklitschBusiness Manager
Customer Service & Accounting
Geoffrey Lowe
Geoffrey LoweDesign Manager
Product Design & Customer Service
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Why ClickFold?
ClickFold Plastics was founded in 2001 to fill a void in the market place. Traditionally there have been very few choices for industrial buyers of enclosures: Buy off-the-shelf, invest in plastic molds, or settle for sheet-metal.

​None of these choices fully satisfies the needs of companies that manufacture custom products in smaller volumes. We addressed this problem with a unique zero-tooling process that allows the manufacture of custom plastic parts without the need for expensive molds or any other kind of tooling.

Our process offers a more cost effective solution for low-volume products than injection molding and delivers a more appealing product than sheet metal forming. ​​

Our Mission
Is to be the preferred partner for companies that regularly require custom plastic parts and enclosures in smaller volumes. Our systematic design approach and unique zero-tooling process allows just-in-time delivery of high-end fabricated plastic parts and we aim to be the market leader in this segment. Our focus is on fast and simple product development, prototyping, and cost effective production. 

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