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A Custom Electronics Enclosure Sets Your Project Apart…

The success of a new product hinges on its presentation. The “form” or visual appearance of a product is its first, and arguably most impactful, marketing message. Flawless electronic/mechanical design and elegantly-written, reliable software can become virtually invisible when hidden inside a re-branded, inexpertly modified, off-the-shelf enclosure.[read more=More less=Less]

The custom electronics enclosures, electronics project boxes, and electronic control housings we design and manufacture at ClickFold Plastics address three of the most important elements of product presentation.

  1. Branding: We can print your company name and logo directly onto the enclosure with extraordinary color/font accuracy. Studies have shown repeatedly that Brand Labeling is one of the most important factors affecting consumer purchasing. A common conclusion asserts that “… using a brand name significantly increased perceived quality and willingness to buy, as compared to using no branding. This statistically significant effect held over all price levels. (Dodds, et al.)”
  2. Unique Form-Factors: We realize that the shape of a custom plastic enclosure is often dictated by its intended placement and function, but even if it is difficult to escape from the tyranny of the standard rectangular housing, it is not impossible. At Clickfold Plastics, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of traditional plastics fabrication to make your product’s appearance unique and visually complementary to its function.
  3. Physical UI Elegance : Electronic products exist to free users from unnecessary repetition and to break complicated processes into relatively simple tasks. They often make new things possible. End-users, no matter how technically proficient, value a product that is intuitive to connect and operate and lets them focus on what they’re using your product for, rather than wasting time figuring out how to use it. Our designers are trained to think about intuitive port placement and labeling, LED and light-pipe organization, etc. as key elements of the End-User Experience (UX).

[/read] Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and can design and manufacture custom plastic enclosures to almost any NEMA specification.


When quality and performance are paramount …

Whether your medical device application requires impact strength, flammability resistance, emi shielding, or all three, ClickFold Plastics has a solution that will exceed your technical and budgetary expectations.  We have over 18 years experience designing and manufacturing medical device and electronics enclosures and our products can be found in medical facilities throughout the world.  We manufacture custom enclosure solutions designed for use in virtually every part of the health care environment, from the surgical suite to the laboratory. [read more=More less=Less]

Medical electronic devices are governed by domestic or international standards and regulations. These standards and regulations often differ depending on the product being designed and where and how it will be used.  Characteristics of a medical enclosure may be held to various specifications defined by different governing bodies. For instance, a plastic may need to adhere to UL 94V-0 flammability ratings, or even specialized sterilization capabilities. IP 65/NEMA 4 ratings govern things like water and dust ingression, a concern in medical environments where fluids and other liquids can upset electronic circuits and/or contribute to contamination.

For these reasons ClickFold Plastics offers a wide selection of materials and treatment processes to meet virtually any safety, sanitation, and/or performance requirement one is likely to encounter in the medical device marketplace.


Custom Plastic Medical Device Housing and Enclosure


Attractive, light-weight hand-held device enclosures made to your specifications …

ClickFold Plastics designs and manufactures custom and ergonomic handheld enclosures in an exceptional variety of sizes and styles to suit both indoor and outdoor electronic devices.  Choose the handheld enclosure design whose size, form-factor and performance requirements meet your needs. Hand-held enclosures are ideal for simple mobile controls as well as heavy-duty electronic devices. Our designs are modern and ergonomic without sacrificing performance.[read more=More less=Less] Our enclosures meet virtually any NEMA ingress protection class required and can be manufactured from a wide variety of plastics with up to UL V-0 flammability resistance rating and optional emi resistance coatings.  Every hand-held enclosure is fully customized and shipped ready to use.  Additional services include painting, engraving and digital printing.


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